GholamRezapour`s Textile Parts Production Company has been constructed in 2006 by Mr.  GholamRezapour. He was working in Telina as production supervisor between1984 to 1994 and has been trained by Germany experts there.

He was working as direct managing in Khazar which was producing different types of comb of loom machine between1994 to 2006.

He established GholamRezapour`s Textile Parts Production Company in 2006 and is one of shareholders and the chairman of company

This company is located in Juybar industrial area and produces different types of combs for looms machine.

The area of factory is around 4000 m2 and the salon of production is around 2000 m2 and the investment is around 2,000,000 $.

The production machine is from Germany (ESHPALEK) and the raw material for producing is from Germany and Belgium.

Annual amount of production: 20,000 meter of comb for looms machines.

Contact Us

Address of Factory:             

Part 14- Orkide avenue– Shaghayegh street- Boustan street

Juybar industrial area- Juybar - Mazandran- Iran

Contact with us:           

Tel:  011 42563391

Fax: 011 42563391 int 6

Mob: 0911 151 4275

Email: info [at]

Postal address:  Babolsar- postal  box: 47415/165

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